Singapore Receives First Of Four New German-Built Diesel Electric Attack Submarines

The first of four Type 218SG subs custom-built to suit the needs of Singapore has reached the Republic’s shores and will undergo a set of local sea trials before becoming wholly operational.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Defence (abbreviated Mindef) mentioned that the sub, Impeccable, was received by seamen from the Republic of Singapore Navy (abbreviated RSN) in a ceremony at the Changi Naval Base. Those in attendance included the Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Sean Wat, submariners, and senior officers.

Credit: MINDEF Singapore

Impeccable, launched in Germany’s Kiel on 13 Dec 13 last year, is one of the four Invincible-class subs designed for missions in Singapore’s busy and shallow tropical waters, Mindef stated. The new diesel-electric subs have features suitable for the operating environment and are meant to replace the RSN’s current Archer- and Challenger-class subs constructed between the 1960s and 1980s.

These boast an X-type rudder layout for improved responsiveness, pipes that can handle the more corrosive and salty water, and ergonomics that are enhanced for a Singaporean crew, whose height ranges from 160cm to 185cm.

Invincible, the sub to be executed earliest, was launched in 2019.

It was slated to be delivered to Singapore in 2021 before its delivery date was revised to 2023 onward as an impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is still in Germany to support the training of RSN submariners. The remaining subs, Inimitable and Illustrious, are progressing quite well in terms of project development in Germany, Mindef stated.

Reference: Defenec News, Straits Times

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