ShipSpace – A Next-Generation VR Design Verification Tool Reduces Vessel Design Risk

The ShipSpace product is a next-generation Virtual Reality (VR) Design Verification Tool that allows designers, engineers and key stakeholders to validate design ideas and communicate effectively about vessel concepts and designs.

The product consists of computer hardware and software on the customer’s premises and in the cloud.

KNUD E HANSEN will be showcasing ShipSpace, a new Virtual Reality (VR) tool to aid ship designers and engineers, at the SMM in Hamburg. Interested parties will be able to enter ShipSpace themselves and try the cutting edge design verification tool to better understand the ship design and the spaces within it.

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ShipSpace uses the latest VR technologies to enable users to walk around all areas of the vessel and get a better understanding of how spaces work, with a true sense of depth and scale, not possible with monitors or projectors.

Finn Wollesen Petersen, Managing Director said, “ShipSpace is a cutting edge tool that our engineers and partners can use to design better ships, faster. KNUD E HANSEN has been an innovator in ship design since 1937 and ShipSpace is another step forward for us.”

“ShipSpace has proven to be an excellent tool for communicating and developing designs and ideas, by enabling stakeholders to walk around the vessel while it is still on the drawing board” added Robert J Spencer, Head of Simulation Products.


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