Shipping Lines Warned About Mines Drifting In Black Sea

Marina, the Maritime Industry Authority, has advised seafarers and overseas shipping firms to look out for the drifting mines in the Black Sea resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war. The deputy administrator for operations, Nannette Dinopol, alerted overseas shipping lines as well as other maritime entities, including seafarers of the new threat. Dinopol issued Marina Advisory 2022-28 after a navigational alert (Navtex) from Turkey for vessels against the drifted mines present in the Black Sea region.

The advisory was issued for bareboat charterers, seafarers, ship owners, ship operators, shipmasters, officers, ship managers, and crew of the Philippines registered with overseas ships, recognized organizations, and licensed manning and concerned agencies.

Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has published a Navtex on mines reportedly drifting in the Black Sea, especially in the ports of Ochakiv, Odesa, Yuzhny, and Chornomorsk.

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The Government of the Russian Federation has informed the International Maritime Organization dated 5 April 2022 regarding the closedown of maritime spaces in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.

The Russians stressed that such closures were conducted complying with the 1982 LIN Convention on the Law of the Sea to offer security and safety to merchant vessels and crew members. This was in the view of irresponsible and dangerous steps adopted by Ukraine, including the Military Forces’ mine-laying activities.

The 30 March recent communication from Ukraine strives to shift the responsibility on the Russian Federation for stray naval mines in the Black Sea and also because merchant vessels’ safe evacuation in the Black Sea has not been progressing.

The IMO Secretary-General, Kitack Lim, received information from the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK, mentioning that the new sign of Russia’s propaganda to “whitewash” its Nate by manipulating the fate of seafarers and vessels blocked and shelled by Russia’s navy.


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