Shipping Container With One Of The Deadliest Snakes From India Lands In British Hospital

One of the deadliest snakes in the world has been discovered in a container full of rocks shipped from India. The venomous saw-scaled viper was an unwelcome stowaway in the shipment. The discovery was reported to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital without any delay.

This viper is one of the deadliest reptiles in South Asia. Typically, they can be found close to any inhabited area. The snake has been kept in a box within a sealed room. The hospital has arranged for a pickup by a snake expert.

Sue Schwar, the charity’s founder and manager, said that those who accidentally first saw the viper are lucky to still be alive. The snake was possibly cold from the travelling involved, so it was not quite active. The stonemason who identified the reptile called the animal hospital nearby for help.

snake in shipment
Image Credits: South Essex Wildlife Hospital / @SEWH – Twitter

When the staff collected the viper to carry it to the hospital, it kept on spitting and hissing. It was both aggressive and agitated.

Although it is not the most poisonous snake in the world, the saw-scaled viper is pretty quick to bite whenever it feels unsafe. The creature possesses a toxic venom that has enzymes known as metalloproteinases. It can result in haemorrhaging, causing a victim to bleed to death.

snake in shipment - South Essex Wildlife Hospital
Image Credits: South Essex Wildlife Hospital /

The viper was locked in a box in a room that was sealed up, and warning signs had been posted on the door to inform other staff about the potentially lethal guest.

Ms. Schwar said that the team could arrange to have the snake collected and taken care of by a responsible owner who completely understood the species.


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