Ship Trying To Locate A Famous Vessel Got Stuck At The Same Location

A vessel named SA Agulhas II from South Africa was stuck in the ice as it was trying to find another vessel that had been missing from 1915, according to TimesNowNews. They also reportedly said that the vessel, SA Agulhas II, that had embarked on a mission to track the lost vessel named ‘Endurance’ had ended up stuck in ice on the expedition.

SA Agulhas II was looking for Ernest Shackleton’s vessel when it was stuck in ice when temperatures dropped below -10 degrees Celsius. The SA Agulhas II, reportedly, was co-incidentally stuck exactly where Shakelton’s vessel was last noticed back in 1915, per a report from Mail Online.

The stop was not for too long as members of the crew rescued the vessel by making use of engine power, mechanical cranes, and aviation fuel.

SA Agulhas II
Image Credits: EnvironmentZA – YouTube

Dan Snow, a well-known historian, who was on the ship reportedly said that many people did ask him how he would be sure that they would not get iced in just the way Shackleton, he replied by saying that they have the technology.

Snow shared videos that had showed how the ship’s crew was using a crane and tools to rescue the vessel from ice. SA Agulhas II had finally been free after hours of strenuous work. Per reports, it’s now back to its search for the Endurance.

The director of Endurance 22’s exploration expedition, Mensun Bound, reportedly said that archaeology was not meant to be this way. He shared the feeling of being stuck and how he was cold and wanted to be home.

It was in 1915 that the Endurance reportedly sunk. It was one of the two vessels that had been used from 1914 –17 for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition. The vessel measured 144 feet and had 28 individuals onboard.

On Jan 18, 1915, the vessel was stuck in the Weddell Sea while to Vessel Bay. The vessel stayed engulfed in ice for several months.

Reference: TimesNowNews

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