Ship Captain And Second Engineer Arrested For Venturing Outside Port Without Permission

Three individuals have been arrested by the Minjur police, including a Korean ship captain and its second engineer from Indonesia, after the latter had stepped out from Kamarajar port without seeking permission from immigration officials, following a fight between the two.

The accused were the second engineer of the ship, Muhammed Zaennel Arifin, and a Korean named Lee Gwangmin, the captain of the ship – MT Asian Grace.

The police have reportedly said that on 3 September, Arifin moved out of the port without seeking permission from the immigrant officials. He got treated for his injuries at a private hospital after stepping out.

ships berthed in port at night

When he came back around 10 in the morning, he had been stopped by CSIF personnel. The latter then raised the issue to alert the immigration department.

A case had been registered under the Foreigners’ Act. Both Gwangmin and Arifin had been arrested. Another person named Balasubramaniyan, who had been assigned as a ship agent, had also been arrested, as he had been to the hospital with Arifin. All three will be taken into custody and will be inquired about the fight.


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