SHI Receives World’s First Ship Design Certification To Prevent Spread Of Infectious Diseases

As the importance of infectious disease management has become more prominent due to the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) that hit the world this year, Samsung Heavy Industries is drawing attention as it succeeded in developing the world’s first ship with infectious disease prevention technology.

Samsung Heavy Industries is said to have obtained the Basic Certification (Approval in Principle) for ‘Guide for Mitigation of Infectious Disease Transmission on Board Marine and Offshore Assets ‘ from ABS, one of the world’s most trusted classification companies. It was revealed on the 10th.

The ship design newly developed by Samsung Heavy Industries effectively prevents the spread of infected patients during ship operation, such as:

  • an isolation space that can maintain negative pressure
  • separate medical support and laundry facilities
  • a ventilation system to prevent diffusion
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In addition, it is characterized by improved space utilization by equipping all facilities to prevent the spread of contagion in the cabin of the same area as the existing ship (the area where the crew resides) through the optimal layout design.

Jong-Hyun Yoon, in charge of shipbuilding drilling design at Samsung Heavy Industries, said, “For shipbuilders, the occurrence of infectious diseases at sea is a very important issue that is directly related to the flight schedule as well as the safety of the crew.” We expect to be a solution.”

Gareth Burton, President of ABS Technology Division, said, “This certification is the first technology certification that satisfies the latest regulations to protect crew safety from infectious diseases such as Corona 19.” “We will continue to strengthen cooperation with Samsung Heavy Industries, “We will develop new technologies one step ahead.”


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