Seagull Maritime Collaborates On A New Occupational Health & Safety Course

Onboard Danish flagged vessels members of the safety group are required to undergo training concerning the working environment approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. This is also called “Section 16 course”. Immediately after the election of a safety representative and appointment of a supervisor, the ship owner shall enrol them for the Section 16 course.

The objective of this course is to give seafarer’s necessary training and knowledge required to carry out their duties as a member of the safety organization in cooperation with others to promote a safe and healthy working environment on board ships.

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SEA HEALTH & WELFARE and Seagull Maritime is collaborating on a new onboard course for members in the onboard safety organization. Several ship owners under Danish flag have asked for an onboard training solution on this topic. The onboard course will make it more practical as the new member can start training immediately. It will also reduce cost and make a positive sustainable footprint by reducing the need to travel.

The new course will be in the form of an approved onboard course combining e-learning modules and practical tasks. SEA HEALTH & WELFARE is responsible for the content of the e-learning modules and practical tasks making sure it fulfils the Danish legislative requirements. The e-learning modules will run on an electronic platform provided by Seagull Maritime AS, which is quality managed and assessed in an ongoing dynamic process by SEA HEALTH & WELFARE.

The course will consist of 14 e-learning modules, a combination of theoretical learning and practical exercises in dialogue with the master, appointed supervisor(s), elected safety representative(S) and the crew on board.

When the course is completed and approved by Danish Maritime Authority it will be available for purchase to all shipping companies. Once access to this course is purchased for a ship the course modules will be available for free to all on board. An additional certificate fee will be charged, only for individuals who shall have an approved certificate to be a part of the safety organization in accordance with the Danish legislation or others would like to have a certificate.

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