Seafarers On Board Liberian-Flagged Vessel Detained In France Over Cocaine Seizure

Among other crew members, two Russians have been detained on a Liberian-flagged ship in France. Per information available to the embassy, the vessel that was detained at the port of Dunkirk on 1 October was sailing with a Liberian flag. The French agencies in charge confirmed that the detained crew had nationals from various countries, including two Russians.

Diplomat Alexander Makogonov highlighted that the embassy is in constant communication with the Seafarers’ Union of Russia, the French authorities, and relatives of the detainees. He added that as the situation progresses, he will utilize opportunities to protect the interests and rights of Russian citizens.

Per the diplomat, currently, the investigation is ongoing. Makogonov said that by 7 October, a court hearing is expected to take place. It will help determine if there is any reason for sailors to be kept in custody or if they can be released.

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The French media broadcasted that a vessel was detained on Friday at the port of Dunkirk after the discovery of over a tonne of cocaine by law enforcement officers. Per media reports, 19 crew members were detained. The detainees also included the ship’s captain, who is a citizen of Romania. The other detainees were citizens of the Philippines, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Russia.

Per a police source, the Liberia-flagged vessel had set sail from Brazil to a port in northern Europe. On Tuesday morning, the detainees had been transferred to Paris. The same source also added that 1,127 kilograms of drugs worth millions of euros were discovered on the ship.


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