Seafarers’ Charity Supports Hospitalised Seafarer And Injured Dock Worker

Seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) has supported a cruise ship crew member in hospital and an injured dock worker. In Tyne and Wear, AoS port chaplain Paul Atkinson visited a Filipino seafarer who was rushed to North Tyneside General Hospital after being struck down by appendicitis on July 16.

Having had an operation, he was desperate to contact his family back home in the Philippines but needed phone top up cards and internet access.  Paul and AoS ship visitor Terry Patchett visited him, bringing a SIM card with unlimited data allowance, toiletries, magazines and Filipino newspapers.

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Paul said, “He was delighted to see us and was able to speak to his wife to inform her about his condition. He has now been moved to a good hotel in the city. “We will keep in touch by phone and continue to visit him. He will rest and recover for a week or so before flying home to Philippines,” Paul added. Separately in Montego Bay, Jamaica, a dock worker is on the mend thanks to AoS who attended to him following a dockside accident last week. Ray Wong, AoS ship visitor in Montego Bay, attended to the young man after his leg was broken while working in the port.

Thanks to the speed with which he got to the hospital, and his young age, it is hoped that he can return to work within the next few weeks. Ray said, “Ships and docks can be dangerous places to work, and when accidents happen it is the role of the Apostleship of the Sea to provide emotional and practical support.” He continued, “It’s not only the physical injury that needs attention, but there is often an emotional toll. I’m just glad to be there to help in whatever way I can.”

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