Seafarers’ Awards Will Honour Outstanding Contributions To Seafarer Welfare

The Mission to Seafarers will present awards to seafarers and operational staff within the maritime industry in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the welfare of others. The Awards will be presented at the upcoming Seafarers’ Awards Dinner, which will take place on 11 May 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel, Middle Street, Singapore.

At the inaugural event sponsored by Shell, The China Navigation Company, and North P&I Club, five awards will be presented:

    • The seafarer who has contributed significantly to the welfare of fellow crew on-board
    • The seafarer who has contributed significantly to crew welfare within their organisation
    • The shore-based employee who has made a significant contribution to seafarers’ welfare
    • The company which has made a signification contribution to seafarers’ welfare
    • Secretary General’s special award for outstanding service to seafarers

An eminent team of judges has been selected and will be chaired by Rev Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General of the Mission.
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Over 200 people are expected to attend the dinner, with a limited number of tables and individual seats still available. Attendees will enjoy a drinks reception, sponsored by HFW, followed by a three-course meal. Tickets can be booked by emailing Jan Webber on and all proceeds will go towards supporting the Mission’s work in the port of Singapore, including ship visits and seafarers’ centers. A number of sponsorship packages are still available for those who wish to show their support for seafarers and recognise the integral role they play in the industry.

Capt Rob Walker, Chairman, The Mission to Seafarers, Singapore, said:
“Our Seafarers’ Awards Dinner is one of the most important events in the Mission’s calendar, and one we’re incredibly proud of. Seafarers play a massive role in our everyday lives. Although we work in the industry, we need to take a moment to recognise those working out at sea have additional pressures which can be incredibly tough on their physical and mental wellbeing. Seafarers can be separated from loved ones for up to a year, and piracy and abandonment continue to be a very real and serious problem for seafarers. The toll that this can take on physical welfare and emotional well-being is immense.

“The Seafarers’ Awards Dinner allows us to show seafarers that we recognise the exceptional work that they do in helping others, looking after the welfare of their fellow crew and keeping spirits high during challenges times. It also allows us to highlight the outstanding work companies are doing to ensure the emotional and practical needs of their staff are met and to encourage best practice across the entire maritime industry.”

All proceeds from the Awards night will go towards helping the Mission in Singapore continue its ongoing support of thousands of seafarers visiting the port, and those at its Singapore seafarers’ centre (pictured)
In 2017, the Mission visited over 1,500 seafarers in the port of Singapore and provided facilities for over 3,800 seafarers at its Singapore seafarers’ centres. In total, the Mission visited over 300,000 seafarers aboard ships across the globe and supported 895 justice and welfare cases, including helping the crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio (and the Chennai Six) to secure their release from prison. Ticket prices and sales for the Singapore Seafarers’ Awards Dinner are available by emailing Those looking for nomination forms to enter the Awards should also contact Jan.

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