Seafarer Mental Health Trauma Leaflet Now Available in Tagalog Language

Human Rights at Sea is very pleased to announce that following the success of the mental health welfare leaflet “Remaining Resilient after Traumatic Events”, the leaflet is now available in the Tagalog language.

The leaflet is now available on both the HRAS (Publications) and UK P&I (Knowledge) websites and can be downloaded for free.

Credits: Human Rights At Sea

Translation of the leaflet was made possible with the help of the UK P&I Club. Sophia Bullard, the Club’s Crew Health Programme Director commented:

“The UK P&I Club is very pleased to be involved in the production of the HRAS Trauma leaflet into the language of the Filipino people.  In Tagalog, the valuable information contained in the booklet, will be more accessible for all.  This will be of great assistance to those seafarers most in need of guidance with mental health and wellbeing.”

David Hammond, CEO, Human Rights at Sea commented that: “We are enormously grateful for the support from the UK P&I Club to make this first translation of the original self-help leaflet from English to Tagalog. We hope that those organisations who are working with and employing seafarers from the Philippines will use this freely available crew resource and distribute it widely, including to both seafarers and fishermen’s families.”

The leaflet was originally drafted by Professor Neil Greenburg from March on Stress and it is supported by Seafarers UK, the UK P&I Club, The Fishermen’s Mission, The Sailors’ Society, The Apostleship of the Sea, The Mission to Seafarers, the National Federation of Fisheries Organisations and Human Rights at Sea.

Reference: Human Rights At Sea

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