SCDF Found The Body Of Bangladeshi Subcontract Worker Who Fell Into The Sea At Keppel Shipyard, Tuas

The deceased body of an employee who fell into the sea was discovered on 24 August, two days after a portion of a concrete pier he was on suddenly collapsed at the Keppel Shipyard based in Tuas.

In a statement published on Wednesday, the Keppel Shipyard shared condolences to the family members of the subcontract worker, who was a Bangladeshi. The firm mentioned that it is in touch and cooperating with relevant authorities to conduct a thorough inspection and review.

The firm mentioned that Keppel Shipyard values the lives and safety of its workers and that they deeply regret the tragic incident.

On Wednesday, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) mentioned that it was able to retrieve a body that was floating in the water close to the incident site, adding that the worker was declared dead by a paramedic at the scene.

Keppel Shipyard
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Per the police, the dead body was recovered on Wednesday around 8.30 am.

The accident occurred on Monday morning when a portion of the concrete pier where a crane was on reportedly collapsed, making the crane topple onto a vessel berthed beside the dock, a spokesperson associated with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said.

The employee (aged 38 years), who was on the pier, fell into the sea. He was reported as missing. Kumaran Marine employed the victim.

The incident at Keppel Shipyard’s 51 Pioneer Sector 1 caused the crane to submerge underwater.

Four other employees – one Chinese national, two Bangladeshis, and one Singaporean – also suffered some minor injuries and are stable, reported the spokesperson associated with the MOM.

MOM mentioned investigating the cause of the accident and stopping activities at the pier.

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