Samsung Heavy Plans To Pioneer Nuclear-Powered Ship Market

Samsung Heavy Industries is making full-scale efforts to develop offshore nuclear power plant technology, which is emerging as a ‘zero-carbon energy source’.

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI ) announced on the 9th that it had signed a ‘Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) development and joint research agreement’ with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Korea’s only comprehensive nuclear research and development institute.

The signing ceremony was attended by key stakeholders including Samsung Heavy Industries President Jin-Taek Jeong and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute President Park Won-Seok.

Samsung Heavy Industries Representation
Representation Image – Credits: Twitter

Through this agreement, SHI plans to pioneer the MSR-based floating nuclear power plant and nuclear-powered ship market as part of strengthening its capacity for future new business expansion.

The agreement includes joint research plans for MSR element technology and related equipment development, such as heat exchangers, offshore nuclear product design and business model development, △performance verification, and economic evaluation.

MSR is a type of small module reactor that is highly interested as a carbon zero energy source to respond to the recent climate crisis.

The use cycle of nuclear fuel is more than 20 years, which is the same as the life cycle of a ship, so there is no need to replace it after being mounted. △The size of the reactor is relatively small, so it is easy to apply to ships.

In addition, when an abnormal signal occurs inside the reactor, it is designed to solidify molten salt, a liquid nuclear fuel, to prevent serious accidents at the source, providing high safety and △high-efficiency power and hydrogen production at the same time. are also expected to vary.

Jintaek Jeong, president of Samsung Heavy Industries, said, “MSR is a carbon-free energy source that can efficiently respond to climate change issues and is a next-generation technology that meets the vision of Samsung Heavy Industries.” We plan to focus on R&D to become a new future growth engine .”


  • Small Modular Reactor (SMR) is a high-tech nuclear power plant technology that has recently gained worldwide interest. The government formalized the development of innovative SMR at the 9th Nuclear Promotion Committee at the end of last year, and the SMR National Assembly Forum was launched in April.
  • In addition, the Biden Administration of the United States also designated SMR as the next-generation nuclear power plant to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Currently, about 70 types of SMR are being developed in the US, Russia, and China. Research on my brother and others is ongoing.


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