Samsung Heavy Earns Highest Grade In Shipyard Risk Management Evaluation

Samsung Heavy Industries has obtained the highest grade of ‘A’ in the JH143 Survey conducted by the Joint Hull Committee (JHC) established by British marine insurance companies.

In 2010, Samsung Heavy Industries was the first in the industry to obtain an A grade in risk management evaluation from JHC and was internationally recognized for its safety, health, and environmental management capabilities.

JHC was created to discuss all regulations, terms and conditions, standards, and rules related to shipping insurance. It was established in 1910 by British marine insurance companies and has been recognized for its authority until now after 100 years.

Samsung Heavy Industries
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Shipyard risk management evaluation consists of 13 evaluation items including:

  • HSE regulations and procedures compliance
  • Contaminant management status
  • Emergency response capability
  • Work permit system operation, etc.

Based on these, grades from A to E are allocated.

Among them, Grade A is the highest safety rating, meaning extremely low levels of risk’. The evaluation results are used by marine insurance companies around the world as a reference indicator when calculating the shipbuilding insurance rate, which is expected to reduce insurance premiums.

Samsung Heavy Industries official said, “A grade obtained in the world’s insurance industry is the result of highly assess the safety management system of Samsung Heavy Industries.”

“Safety will further strive to build a safe workplace as a first principle of management”, he highlighted.


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