Samsung Heavy Develops World’s First Cooling And Heat Generation System For Ships

Samsung Heavy Industries announced on the 14th that it has succeeded in demonstrating S-REGAS CGR (Cold Power Generation & Regasification), the world’s first next-generation regasification system in conjunction with the LNG cooling and heat generation system.

On the 13th at the Geoje Shipyard, the report on completion of the demonstration was attended by Korea Gas Corporation and major shipbuilders, demonstrating high interest in the new LNG technology of Samsung Heavy Industries.

‘S-REGAS(CGR)’ is eco-friendly and reduces the cost of generating electricity by applying ‘zero carbon’ cold and heat generation technology to the LNG regasification system, the core technology of LNG-FSRU (floating gas storage and regasification facility). It is a new technology that has been dramatically lowered.

Samsung Heavy Industries Representation
Representation Image – Credits: Twitter

LNG is transported in a liquid state below -162℃, and in order to use it as fuel, it undergoes a regasification process that evaporates by applying temperature and converts it into a gaseous state.

The regasification process is developed cold CO environmentally friendly technology to produce electricity to recover the wasted heat energy into the seawater 2 This occurs zero.

‘S-REGAS (CGR) was able to produce 16MW of electricity itself more than 90% of the power required for the LNG regasification CO 60000 tons or more per year 2 to reduce emissions.

Lee Dong-yeon, head of the shipbuilding and marine research center of Samsung Heavy Industries, said, “The shipbuilding industry is also strongly required to expand the use of new and renewable energy power for carbon neutrality.” It will be an important opportunity to announce that it is a safe and affordable eco-friendly solution .”


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