Samsung Heavy Acquires World’s First `Smart Sense Cyber ​​Security` Certification

Samsung Heavy Industries was the first in the world to obtain cybersecurity technology certification from ABS, the American Society of Shipping Society, for the SmartShip solution.

As ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has recently been integrated into ship navigation technology, the need for security to protect data and systems from external attacks in cyberspace has been emphasized as information exchanges within ships or between vessels and the land have increased.

Samsung Heavy Acquires World's First `Smart Sense Cyber ​​Security` Certification
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In fact, in June last year, the world’s No. 1 container shipkeeper, Musk, was reportedly suffering a loss of about $ 300 million due to the attack of Ransomware, resulting in the paralysis of the logistics system and suspension of cargo loading and unloading operations. In addition, there is concern about the damage such as GPS disturbance by the onboard virus and information leak.

In September last year, Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (ABS) was awarded ABS certification by developing smart cypher security technology to protect ship data, network, and data storage from internal and external cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity technology developed by Samsung Heavy Industries has been developed by ABS in accordance with ISO 27001 information protection management system and cyber safety guidelines such as physical security, operational security, access control, security control, We have passed all the rigorous screening standards for the 16 recommended items.

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