Sailors’ Society Thanked By Crew Of Heroic Idun

“It was clear the extremely positive effect our constant contact, interaction, assistance, and support has had on the crew and their families throughout their ordeal”.

Members of the Crisis Response Network have just met with the crew of the Heroic Idun who returned to Cape Town yesterday (June 7) after a 10-month detention.

CRN team member, Boet van Schalkwyk, said: “Though the crew was in good heart, delighted to be free and heading home, they had clearly undergone a traumatic and drawn-out ordeal.

Sailors' Society
The crew meets with Sailors’ Society CRN team members. Image Credit: Sailors’ Society.

“They really appreciated our support for them and their families throughout this time and are looking forward to this continuing when they get home to their families.”

The team will keep in contact as any unresolved psychological distress will likely surface within a few weeks of returning home.

As well as supporting the crew, the Sailors’ Society has been offering support to family members in the Kochin, Mumbai, and Bhubaneshwar areas of India.

Members of the CRN team supported these families through the postponement of several trial dates and were on hand when the news finally arrived that the crew and their vessel had been released.

They are now preparing the families to be reunited with their loved ones tomorrow (June 9).

Our CRN, funded by The Seafarers’ Charity, TK Foundation, and UKP&I, responds to crises every month.

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