Russian Warship Collides With Merchant Ship

A Russian Navy frigate has collided with a container merchant ship in Danish territorial waters at the entrance of the Baltic. The accident took place on the morning of September 23, 2020.

Although the accident has been confirmed by the Danish Ministry of Defence, what caused it is not clear yet. The collision happened in thick fog and so the details are yet to be revealed.

According to Danish reports, the Russian Navy warship is confirmed to be the 311 Kazanets, a Project 1331M Parchim Class light frigate. This ship was not transmitting on AIS (Automated Information system) which is specifically designed to help avoid collisions.

Merchant Ship ICE ROSE
Image Credits: the defense / @forsvaretdk – Twitter

The naval ship struck the Ice Rose, a container merchant ship carrying 12,401 ton of refrigerated containers. The current location of the Ice Rose is now at anchor south of the Øresund Bridge that stretches across the entrance to the Baltic. This is the bridge connects Denmark and Sweden.

Denmark has asked Sweden for help in resolving the situation. The maritime rescue and coastguard units have been deployed from both the nations. These units include the Swedish rescue vessel Elsa Johansson and the Danish Navy’s Diana-class patrol vessel HDMS Najaden (P523). Several rescue vessels, law enforcement and pilots are also in attendance. There is no information yet about personal injury or oil spills as of yet.


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