Russian Ships With Alleged Stolen Grains From Ukraine Reaches Syria

Russian-flagged vessels loaded with stolen grains from Ukraine are headed toward Syria before cargoes move on to destinations in the Middle East, the government in Kyiv has reportedly mentioned.

Via social media posts, the Ministry of Defense intelligence officials have mentioned that Russia is moving its seeds and grains to Crimea, the Ukrainian territory that was annexed in 2014 by the Kremlin.

Over the last week, Egypt has diverted two vessels from Russia carrying stolen wheat from Ukraine. Ukraine’s chargé d’affaires in Egypt informed The Wall Street Journal.

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Such a move marks an escalation in Russia’s campaign to cripple the essential sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

Russia managed to blockade Black Sea ports, a crucial channel for Ukraine to import the country’s agricultural supplies and export farm products. Ukraine was able to export $28 billion worth of food in 2021 and the sector also makes up 10% of the total GDP of Kyiv.

The EU has taken measures on Tuesday to redirect Ukraine’s exports by land to skirt the blockade Russia has imposed, per Bloomberg.


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