Russian Ship’s Crew Members Detained In Egypt

The Egyptian security forces based in Alexandria reportedly arrested five Russians, members of a ship crew transporting medicines, including the captain, a chief aide, and three others, RT informed on Monday.

The Russian Embassy in Cairo mentioned that it’s dealing closely with the arrest of Russia’s citizens in the port of Alexandria.

Reports highlight that Comoros flagged cargo vessel named “Soya” was docking with five citizens from Russia on board, including the ship’s captain and the chief aide.

Per preliminary data, drugs that contained narcotic substances were on the cargo vessel and were seized immediately on 4 November.

Russia’s Ship Crew Members Detained In Egypt
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Russia’s embassy explained that on receiving information regarding the arrest of Russia’s citizens, relevant Egyptian authorities were immediately asked for permission to organise a consular visit.

This will permit continuous embassy contact with the detainees’ relatives.

Per local authorities, the health of the crew members is not concerning.

Olga, the ship captain’s wife, reported that the fraudster pretended to be a lawyer and demanded $1,500 for offering his service to her husband.

There was a report on the progress of the inspection and to permit the captain’s wife to speak to him when there’s a chance.

Reference: Egypt Independent, Urdu Point, Fleetmon

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