Russian Seafarer Aboard Tanker Goes On A Hunger Strike

A senior assistant to the captain of Shovket Alekperova, a tanker from Palmali company went on a hunger strike as the tanker is in the port of Turkey’s major city Istanbul since May 2020.

The captain from Rostov, Vadim Kayuchkin is still on board the tanker along with the senior assistant officer, who is also on board the tanker for over a year now, without salary or termination of the contract.

The Sheriffs have already taken the case into their hands. Palmali company recently managed to find a replacement for the Russian chef who was onboard for ten months and allowed him to go home.

The inspector of the International Federation of Transport Workers (ITF) in Novorossiysk, Olga Ananyina said in a statement that Palmali company pays no heed to the requests of the sailors.

Seafarer Sailor Silhouette
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The insurance companies need to step up and pay for the repatriation of the crew members. The vessel is de-energized, hence there are limited products for cooking, which is possible only using a fire.

The National Energy Plan involves reducing the use of coal and limit the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, which according to the trade unions is unacceptable as this will lead to shutting down of many industries in Silesia and an increase in unemployment.

The trade union, therefore demands the government to look into the matter and take appropriate action.


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