Russian Navy Blasts Its Own Ships To Protect Kerch Bridge From Ukrainian Naval Drones

Russia is trying to safeguard the Kerch Bridge from Ukrainian naval drones by sinking barges close to the unlawfully constructed Crimean Bridge.

In Russia’s opinion, they have been doing everything properly. However, considering the lessons of history, they’d advise replicating the tactics of one of the admirals and sinking the Black Sea Fleet, mentioned Dmytro Pletenchuk, the spokesperson associated with Ukraine’s Naval Forces, on 31 August.

This would help solve several issues and, at the least, preserve the lives of the personnel.

For total protection, Russia has to shut down maritime navigation near the bridge, as that would stop Russia from transporting grain and metal from the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.

Only then, possibly, would there be a guarantee that nothing would reach there, or in some other way, as far as it is understood, they cannot secure it.

New satellite photos highlighting barges close to the Crimean Bridge were published on 30 August by Radio Free Europe or Radio Liberty. The barges have to be used as a barrier against the maritime drones.

The Main Intelligence Directorate (abbreviated HUR) earlier warned that Russia planned on sinking ferries and installing net barriers between them to defend the Crimean Bridge.

The bridge Russia uses for transferring troops and armoured vehicles to Southern Ukraine has been attacked twice. On 8 October 2022, a very powerful explosion collapsed multiple spans. On 17 July, further explosions reportedly collapsed portions of the road.

References: Yahoo! News, EurAsian Times, Business Insider India

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