Russian Hunter-Killer Submarine Collides With British Warship In Atlantic

A British warship ran into a hunter-killer submarine from Russia with the vessel’s sonar equipment as it went patrolling in the North Atlantic. The information was shared by the UK Ministry of Defense.

The HMS Northumberland that belongs to the Royal Navy had been tracking the Russian submarine during 2020 when the array sonar of the Type 23 frigate ended up colliding with another submarine. Coincidently a Channel 5 documentary was being shot by the name – Warship: Life at Sea by a film crew, who got to witness this collision and thus was recorded too. It is currently being aired in the UK.

Until now, the Ministry of Defense had never commented on any collision ever before. However, it has now been spoken and confirmed as the incident got captured on the camera. A Defense Ministry source informed the BBC that it was not likely that the submarine collided with a sonar cable.

British warship
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In the TV program, there is a scene of the exact moment when the crew members on board the HMS Northumberland figures out that something has happened. The crew members are seen shouting, wanting to know what it was.

It is unclear if the Russian submarine experienced any damages. The HMS Northumberland, however, had to head back to the Scotland port to replace its impaired sonar.


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