Russian Engineers Work To Create A Multi-Purpose WIG Craft

A team of Russian developers has been working on the creation of a multipurpose sea-going ekranoplan, which could contribute significantly to the speed of seaborne traffic. The project announced as unique will be presented by MariNet, the National Technological Initiative (NTI) working group, on the sidelines of the International Exhibition NEVA-2017 in St Petersburg, September 19-21.

Specialists of RDC Aqualines will provide a concept, basic and production design, engineering, construction and commissioning of the multipurpose sea-gong wing-in-effect (WIG) vessel, the EP-15 series ekranoplan with the following general characteristics: Length: 16.5 m; Displacement: 5.5 tonnes; Capacity: 15 people.

Credits: IAA PortNews Media Release

The EP-15 will be designed for high-speed cargo and passenger transport, search and rescue duties at operational speed of up to 200 km / h, on 50 – 300-km-long sea routes for safe operations in wind force 7 to 10 knots conditions.

Credits: IAA PortNews Media Release

The ekranoplan does not require any dedicated infrastructure availability and certification is carried out according to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping rules.

Besides, RDC Aqualines in conjunction with Promavia LLC will present a hydrofoil of Project A-902 (LOA: 18 m, Displacement: 15 tonnes; Capacity: 25 passengers).

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