Russian Embassy Demands Explanation From MEA Following Seizure of Russian Ship In Kochi

After the Kerala high court permitted the seizure of a Russian vessel over non-payment of dues to an Estonian firm, the embassy of Russia demanded that the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) provide an explanation and further called for the crew members’ rights to be respected.

On Monday, the Kerala HC ordered the “arrest” of the ship MV MAIA-1 from Russia due to non-payment of fuel charges that amounted close to $23,503 to an Estonian firm, the Times of India reported.

A day later, Russia’s embassy confirmed the ship’s detention. The diplomatic mission added that the vessel arrived with military cargo for India’s armed forces.

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Per the embassy’s statement, following the preliminary information shared, the actions are linked to the Estonian shore service firm Bunker Partner OU claims that ship owners allegedly had a debt.

It further pointed out that the Kerala HC permitted the unloading of the cargo as it did not have anything to do with the lawsuit.

Russia’s embassy mentioned that the Russian consulate general, who is based in Chennai, has been in control of the situation.

Sathish Ninan, Kerala HC’s Justice, reportedly noted that the claim is the value of bunkers supplied by the Estonian company Bunker Partner OU to the Russian ship. Bunkering refers to the supply of fuel by vessels for use. It includes the logistics of loading as well as distributing the fuel among shipboard tanks available.

The judge also called on the deputy conservator of the ports based at the Cochin Port Trust to ensure the ship’s arrest and detention.

Per data shared by Marine Traffic, the ship left Novorossiysk, the largest seaport in Russia, on June 25. It reached Kochi following port calls in Egypt and Turkey.

Last month, Sri Lanka’Lanka’snment had to legally intervene when a local court had not permitted a flight operated by RussiaRussia’sne Aeroflot with passengers to depart due to a case filed by the Ireland-based aircraft owner named Celestial Aviation.

Following RussiaRussia’sion of Ukraine, western countries, led by the US and the EU, imposed sanctions to cut off Moscow from the international financial system to cripple the economy.

References: The Hindu, The Wire

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