Russia Prepared To Collaborate With Turkey To Free Up Ukrainian Grain Exports

On Monday, Vladimir Putin told Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish counterpart, that Moscow was all set to collaborate with Ankara for freeing up maritime shipping that was being blocked due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Putin has noted the readiness of Russia’s side to contribute to the unimpeded transit of goods in collaboration with the Turkish.

This also applies to grain exports from the ports of Ukraine. This was mentioned by the Kremlin as he quoted Putin. The Kremlin mentioned that the two discussed safe navigation in the Azov and Black Seas besides eliminating the risks of mines in their waters.

Putin repeated claims that global food shortages resulted from Western policies, which were “short-sighted”. He also added that Russia is ready to export significant volumes of agricultural products and fertilizers if relevant sanctions placed on Russia are lifted.

Russian ships with grains
Image Credits: @Maxar – Twitter

Russia’s attack on Ukraine followed by Western sanctions has disrupted supplies of essential commodities and wheat from Ukraine and Russia, fuelling worries regarding the risks of shortages and hunger all over the world. Ukraine and Russia contribute 30% of the global wheat supply.

Several dozens of container vessels are blocked in ports of Ukraine, which are still surrounded by Russia’s forces, choking off exports of sunflower oil, wheat, other foodstuffs, and fertilizers essential for crops. Black Sea navigation has been severely hampered by mines placed by forces of Ukraine and Russia.


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