Russia To Create Maritime Robotic System For Offshore Operations

Russian developers have launched a project for an integrated marine robotic system of anthropomorphic type for offshore operations. The project, described as unique, will be presented by MariNet, the National Technological Initiative (NTI) working group, on the sidelines of the International Exhibition NEVA-2017 in St Petersburg, September 19-21.

The development of offshore projects requires the creation of innovative technological solutions by the scientific community that will enable operators to increase development of offshore resources. Obviously, the development of offshore projects necessitates the most cost-effective and safe technologies.

Image Credits: Portnews IAA

One of the developers, OJSC Scientific Production Association ‘Android Techniques’ has proposed an underwater complex of anthropomorphic type under the heading Offshore Robotics.”

Under this project, the integrated maritime robotic system provides the interaction of underwater, surface and air unmanned vehicles, while the Intellectual Information Management System (IMS) allows an operator to simplify and automate the behaviour control of robots. With the IMS the operator can develop a mission, test it, programme the functioning of each robot, monitor the process execution and the technical condition of the elements of the complex robotic system, collect and process the incoming data, quickly correct the actions or change the mission completely.

Domestic equipment development is among the top priorities of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Mikhail Ivanov, director of the Ministry’s Department of Machine-Tool Manufacture & Investment Mechanical Engineering noted that the ministry is interested in the promotion of domestic production of high-tech products, in increasing the share of domestic components and in development of offshore innovative technology solutions.

Press Release/PortNews IAA

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