Royal Navy Ship Arrives In Brisbane For The First Time In Three Decades

HMS Spey and its sister vessel Tamar are docked in Brisbane – the first time ever in 28 years that a naval vessel from Britain has arrived in the city. The vessels are on patrol in the Pacific as Britain is renewing its focus in the region.

Royal Navy Ship

It comes amid rising concerns about China’s activities in the Pacific. The Commanding Officer of HMS Spey, Bridget Macnae, said that the eastern coast port was being used once again to permit Britain to expand its influence across the entire Pacific.

She told the news agency AAP: In using Brisbane as an instance, it opens up the flexibility of where Spey particularly, as well as her sister ship named Tamar, can get to in terms of reach. It provides more exposure and more opportunity to go and visit places that wouldn’t have been targeted in other ways.

References:, UK Defence Journal

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