Royal Navy Monitors A Russian Warship In The North Sea

The UK is monitoring the activities of the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov in the North Sea, revealed the Royal Navy on January 11. The guided-missile ship has a tanker named Kama with it.

HMS Portland from the Royal Navy is tracking the movements of the Russian ship because of its activities close to British waters. The type 23 frigate vessel is monitoring along with Bergen, the Norwegian Coast Guard ship. 

Portland has a Merlin helicopter, torpedoes, cutting-edge sensors, and sonars. The ship has adequate hunting submarines and surface warfare equipment and has undergone refitting in 2021. 

HMS Portland monitoring Russian warships
HMS Portland is tracking the Russian vessels in the foreground as Admiral Gorshkov (left) and its accompanying tanker Kama (right) sail into the North Sea. Source: Daily Mail, MoD Russia

Ed Moss-Ward, the ship’s Commanding Officer, defined this as a routine activity for any warships travelling close to UK waters, underling that this is to protect the national interest and is in compliance with maritime law. 

This reiterates Britain’s commitment to maritime security as it escorts the warship with NATO allies. The ship was part of many such vigils with NATO allies in Norway and Sweden in 2022. 

It was part of the Dynamic Mongoose submarine hunting exercise in the North Atlantic. 

References: Royal Navy, Reuters, Daily Mail

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