Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince Of Wales Sets Sail For Naval Exercises Off The US

Friends, families, and close ones have waved off the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales as it headed out for the exercises off the US.

The ship’s departure comes a year after it broke down some miles into a similar trip across the Atlantic.

The £3 billion warship reportedly suffered from an impaired propeller shaft on leaving the Portsmouth Naval Base in August last year.

The carrier stopped off the Isle of Wight and was towed back into the harbour.

After nine months of extended repairs at Rosyth’s Babcock shipyard, Fife, it got back on 4 August to the Portsmouth Naval Base.

During the three-month deployment, the carrier will conduct exercises with drones to deliver supplies without using helicopters, launching and landing stealth fighters (F-35B Lightning) and also operating with the Osprey class tilt-rotor aircraft from the US Marine Corps.

The carrier, with a 750-strong crew, set sail on Friday. It will return to the UK by Christmas.

References: Daily Mail, BBC, The Independent

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