Royal IHC To Provide Boskalis An Advanced And Sustainable Cable Lay System For Use In Offshore Windfarms

Royal IHC is delighted to announce the award of a significant contract from Boskalis for the delivery of an advanced modular cable lay spread (MCLS).

The state-of-the-art cable lay system will be used for the installation of inter-array power cables and its cable protection system (CPS) in offshore wind farms. The system has some advanced features which will provide the client with a marked advantage during normal lay operations. Royal IHC will deliver the entire spread including; elevated cable highway, chutes, working habitats, quadrant handling system, active heave compensated winch, A&R winches and deck winches. This will be delivered with an integrated control system linking new and client-owner-furnished equipment.

Cable Lay System
Credits: Royal IHC

Equipment safety is at the core of all Royal IHC-designed equipment and the MCLS will be delivered with a new generation centralised control suit. Careful consideration has also been brought to the mobilisation of the vessel, adopting a sophisticated modular system which will minimise the effort, timescale and risk traditionally associated with this stage of a campaign.

Royal IHC is proud to be supporting its prestigious client Boskalis in the advancement of the renewable energy industry. This system adds to the company’s extensive track record in the cable lay market and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainable industries.

Reference: Royal IHC

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