Royal IHC Launches Second Beagle 8 TSHD For Adani

The launch ceremony of Adani’s 8,000m3 IHC Beagle® trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) – SHANTI SAGAR 18 – took place on 7 July at Royal IHC’s shipyard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands. The vessel will be mainly utilised for maintenance dredging.

The previous TSHD launched for Adani – SHANTI SAGAR 17 on 31 March – will be deployed for capital dredging in challenging soils. Therefore, it was equipped with a heavier draghead. Due to the modular design of the Beagle® 8 series, the vessels can be adapted for specific dredging tasks.

Royal IHC launches second Beagle 8 TSHD for Adani
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Beagle series

The Beagle® 8 dredger has a total length of 104.5 metres and a width of 24.2 metres. The vessel is designed to have a loaded speed of 13.7 knots. In addition, it has two suction pipes with a diameter of 800mm and can reach a dredging depth of 26 metres.

Each Beagle® 8 is equipped with IHC’s Trailspeed Controller (TSC) and Eco Pump Controller (EPC). Developed in-house, the TSC ensures a constant speed while dredging, which leads to higher average production results and greater levels of consistency. The EPC reduces excessive cavitation as well as wear and tear, and fuel consumption.

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Easy operation will be facilitated by the Intuitive Hopper Control Chair (IHCC). The ergonomic chair is equipped with controls in the armrests and enables the operator to have complete command of the dredging process.


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