Royal Australian Navy Delivers Supplies Contactlessly To Tonga With 23 COVID Infected Crew Members

Australia’s largest navy vessel, HMAS Adelaide, was docked in Tonga to unload supplies after a tsunami and volcanic eruption in the South Pacific archipelago, even after 23 sailors tested COVID positive. In a statement released from the government of Australia, the crew members decided on a contactless delivery to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus among the Tongan population.

HMAS Adelaide has unloaded over 250 pallets of essential relief in Tonga
Image Credits: @hqjoc – Twitter

Newsweek reported earlier that Red Cross employees have been cautious, especially about outside aid workers, primarily because Tonga is one of the few places that have been virus-free, with only a single reported case from the start of the ongoing pandemic. Per World Data, 61% of the population in Tonga is completely vaccinated.

Tonga mandates that visitors quarantine for three weeks. Aid workers are required to make no-contact deliveries when sending supplies.

HMAS Adelaide
Image Credits: @hqjoc – Twitter

The 15 January sudden volcanic eruption has blanketed Tonga with thick ash when supplying safe drinking water has been a priority. The HMAS Adelaide promptly delivered helicopters, a desalination plant, and heavy engineering equipment.

unloading over 250 pallets of essential relief supplies
Image Credits: @hqjoc – Twitter

There is an immediate requirement for people to access safe water sources in weeks to come, informed Sione Taumoefolau, Tonga Red Cross secretary-general.

Image Credits: Royal Australian Navy

Ash has now settled in the water tanks and will need time to settle along with thorough treatment before it is used.


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