Romanian Navy Ship Hit By A Drifting Mine In The Waters Of The Black Sea

On Thursday, a Navy dredger from Romania hit a drifting mine attempting to defuse in poor weather. However, the ship’s 75 crew members were unharmed following the explosion.

Mines started floating in the Black Sea following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. The Bulgarian, Turkish, and Romanian military diving teams have been defusing those that are drifting in the waters.

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The ministry mentioned that the vessel was alerted regarding a mine drifting at approximately 25 nm northeast from Romania’s Black Sea port of Constanta but could not defuse it before being blown by it owing to strong waves and winds.

There were no injured individuals or victims following the explosion. The 75 troops on the vessel are also not in danger, the ship’s ability to float is also not impaired, and there are no significant damages on board, the ministry clarified in its statement.

The Black Sea is vital for shipping grains, oil, and oil-based products. Its waters are shared by Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia.

The ministry informed that since the war hit, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria have successfully destroyed 28 mines in the western waters of the Black Sea.

References: Reuters, US News

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