Rolls-Royce Confirms The Presence Of Its Numerous Cars On Cargo Ship That Caught Fire

Rolls-Royce has disclosed that it had many vehicles on the Fremantle Highway, a gigantic cargo vessel that caught fire over a week back and was safely towed to the Netherlands recently.

It is well understood that there were 3,783 vehicles on the vessel after the fire broke out. Of those, 498 were EVs, and Mercedes-Benz and BMW have confirmed that each firm had several hundred cars on the vessel.

cargo vessel

It is unclear how many Rolls-Royce models were on the vessel, but a spokesperson associated with the car manufacturer informed Bloomberg that it is contacting the impacted customers.

Unlike the Felicity Ace cargo vessel that caught fire in 2022 and sank, not all vehicles on the Fremantle Highway have been impaired. Salvage major Boskalis believes that about 800 cars are still undamaged, even though a precise figure will not be known until the salvage trials start in earnest.

The exact cause of the fire is unknown, but it has reportedly been speculated that the blaze began with an EV before spreading quickly. The fire took a crew member’s life, and several others soon jumped overboard to escape the inferno. Fortunately, skilled crew members could extinguish the blaze, and the vessel reached a port based in the Netherlands late last week.

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