Road To Zero Emission: Naming Ceremony Of Battery Electric Ferries Held In Norway

A naming ceremony was held in Sandane for the battery electric ferries MF Gloppefjord and MF Eidsfjord, marking another milestone in the road towards zero emission in ferry operation in Norway.

Naming Ceremony Gloppefjord And Eidsfjord
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The ferries, built by Tersan Shipyard, have been operating for some time at Anda-Lote already, which is nearby Sandane. The two ferries are Fjord1’s first fully battery electric ferries and Anda-Lote is Norway’s first fully battery electric ferry route. In the coming years most Norwegian ferry routes will be electrified.

Multi Maritime has designed the ferries and delivered a comprehensive detail design package to the shipyard. A considerable effort has been put into making the ferries and all systems onboard as energy efficient as possible.

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