Report: 543 Ships Sold For Dangerous & Dirty Breaking On Beaches Of South Asia

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents its Annual Report 2017. Each year the NGO Shipbreaking Platform collects data and publishes an annual list of ships dismantled worldwide.

In 2017, 835 vessels were dismantled. 543 of these ships were sold for dirty and dangerous breaking on the beaches of South Asia. Whilst ship owners are increasingly portraying themselves as conscious of the problems caused by shipbreaking, the Bangladeshi beach in Chittagong – where environmental protection and worker safety are particularly scant– remained the preferred scrapping destination worldwide in terms of tonnage dismantled.

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The NGO Shipbreaking Platform works to ensure that vessels are recycled without causing harm to workers and the environment. Thanks to our continued efforts, concerned policy makers, progressive investors and banks, and law enforcers are now echoing the Platform’s demand. Read more about this in our new Annual Report.

We need your support to effectively prevent the human rights abuses and environmental injustice provoked when ships are traded to dirty and dangerous breaking yards! Share this publication and make a donation.

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