ReCAAP: Abu Sayyaf Group Planning Kidnappings; Ship Masters To Take Greater Care Near Malaysian Waters

Reference the warning disseminated by the ReCAAP ISC on 22 May 2020 (Warning 01-2020) about a group of  (ASG) members planning to conduct kidnapping activities in undisclosed areas in Sabah, Malaysia.

Activities of Abu Sayyaf Group Kidnap-for-Ransom Group (ASG KFRG) in Barangay Sipangkot, Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi
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On 2 July 2020, ReCAAP ISC has received information from the Philippine Coast Guard (ReCAAP Focal Point) that on 21 June 2020, five members of the Abu Sayyaf Group/Kidnap-for-Ransom Group (ASG/KFRG) were sighted in Barangay Sipangkot, Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi on board a white with yellow and orange stripes speedboat powered by 250HP Yamaha engine. The Philippine Coast Guard added that as of 30 June 2020, the plan to carry out a kidnapping in Sabah and Semporna, Malaysia targeting foreigners and the abduction of crew from ships passing by the Tawi-Tawi and Sabah waters still stands.

Ship Masters and crew are strongly urged to exercise extra vigilance when transiting the waters off Eastern Sabah and in the Sulu-Celebes Seas.

Source: Philippine Coast Guard. This information is to provide maritime situational awareness for mariners operating in the area.

Press Release | ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre

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