QMAG Chooses Maersk ECO Delivery To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Queensland Magnesia(QMAG), a world-leading supplier of magnesia products, became the first Oceania-based customer to choose Maersk ECO Delivery to reduce the company’s carbon footprint in transportation. By joining efforts towards decarbonization, Maersk offers QMAG certified carbon neutral shipping based on sustainable biofuel, a solution to help QMAG to make progress towards its ambitious sustainability goals.

Partnerships are crucial to secure a sustainable future and no company can do it alone. Maersk is proud to partner with Queensland Magnesia to accelerate decarbonisation of the Oceania supply chain. The cooperation enables Maersk to pool our resources and reduce our respective carbon footprints much more efficiently.

Henrik Jensen
Managing Director of Maersk Oceania

Maersk vessel
Image Credits: maersk.com

QMAG has an ambitious climate strategy, and it is continuously exploring ways of improving its environmental footprint.
Our purpose at QMAG is to create solutions to make a sustainable difference, so the decision to choose Maersk ECO Delivery for our sea freight was a natural evolution of the steps already taken to secure a more sustainable future.

Peter Lowe and Dr. Christoph Beyer
QMAG’s Joint Managing Directors

Through innovation and collaboration with customers, technology providers and certification partners, Maersk ECO delivery provides direct carbon savings. Since its start in 2019, customer demand for Maersk ECO Delivery has grown more than 170% year-on-year.

About Queensland Magnesia(QMAG)

QMAG is a leading supplier of carbonate, calcined, dead burnt and electrofused magnesia products. It owns one of the world’s largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite, known for the superior characteristics of high reactivity and greater surface area. All downstream magnesia products are manufactured using tightly-controlled, technical processes before being supplied to a variety of global markets including the refractory, chemical, agricultural, environmental and hydrometallurgical sectors.

Reference: maersk.com

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