Ports Of LA & Long Beach To Fine Shipping Companies For Container Backlog

To relax congestion at the country’s busiest ports, officials on Monday said that they are going to begin fining marine enterprises whose cargo containers linger at any marine terminal too long.

The authorities of the ports of Long Beach (LB) and Los Angeles (LA) have reportedly said that containers scheduled to be moved by trucks will be permitted to stay for nine days before the fines begin accruing. Containers that are set to move via rail can remain at the ports for up to three days.

After that, carriers are going to be charged about $100 per container, increasing $100 increments per container daily. These new rules are going to be applicable from 1 November.

port of LA containers
Image Credits: @PortofLA – Twitter

The terminals are running out of space. Mario Cordero, the Executive Director of the Long Beach port, said that this will make space for containers sitting on ships at anchorage.

It is the latest measure undertaken for relaxing the logjam of cargo vessels that had been interrupting the global supply chain. The backlog has prompted the Biden administration to permit the port complex to operate 24 hours to get the goods unloaded.

Nearly 40% of marine containers entering the US come through the ports of LA and LB.

Reference: losangeles.cbslocal.com

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