Port Of Rotterdam Helps To Plan Transport Route With Lowest CO2 Emissions

It is now possible to compare CO2 emissions between various potential transport routes from A to B in route planner Navigate. And you can do this across the world. Of course, as Port Authority we work to promote sustainable, efficient and energy-efficient transport.

We’ve not only focused on sustainability, but also on the tool’s user-friendliness. Navigate’s mobile phone user-friendliness has been improved in three respects:

Representation Image – Credits: portofrotterdam.com
  1. The Navigation chart that displays both transport routes and the location of terminals, port-related service providers and empty depots now works as well as on phone screens as it does on tablets, laptops and desktops.
  2. The ‘filter’ and ‘sort’ buttons are easier to use.
  3. And fast-working contact links enable you to make direct contact with port-related service providers.

Navigate is now used across the world in 133 countries, and in the past three weeks, the new Navigate widget on our website already helped 1,459 visitors to use Navigate.

Reference: portofrotterdam.com

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