Port Of Rotterdam Authority Launches ‘Building A Sustainable Port’ Campaign

The Port of Rotterdam Authority recently launched a new campaign: ‘Building a Sustainable Port’. “Sustainability involves more than just the environment. We have committed to a large number of initiatives and we will gladly present them,” says Port Authority CEO Allard Castelein.

The Port Authority works hard to ensure that Rotterdam’s port and the surrounding area are safe, healthy and attractive. Castelein: “Building a sustainable port means working to create economic and social value. We have identified three key themes: a Safe & Healthy Environment, Climate & Energy and People & Employment.”

In this context, focus is on matters like water safety, solar power and the Port Welfare Committee. These focus areas are both topical and of concrete importance for the port of Rotterdam and its environs. They will be given due attention in the ‘Building a Sustainable Port’ campaign.

Credits: portofrotterdam.com

In the period up until Sustainability Day, which will be celebrated nationwide on 10 October, the Port Authority will be drawing attention to 15 different aspects of this theme. The campaign kicks off with ‘Nature in the Port’. “When you zoom in on the port with Google Earth, it actually shows up green. This is due to the 450 ha of pipeline corridors found here, among other things. One finds a surprising amount of nature in Rotterdam’s port area,” says Robbert Wolf, who works as a nature and environmental adviser at the Port Authority. Wolf discusses the ‘Groene Poort’ (‘Green Gateway’) project, which is intended to revitalise the port embankments and to provide birds and fish with a wonderful environment to rest and forage.

Reference: portofrotterdam.com

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