Port Of Venice: Vecon Responds To Corona Virus Emergency With ‘Fast Track’ Moving Procedure

Vecon, a company of the PSA Group, with the support of the Associations of Shippers, Maritime Agents, Customs Shippers, Transporters and with the patronage of the Port Authority of Venice has started a new procedure called Fast Track : a fast-moving lane for haulers in order to ensure rapid delivery of strategic goods, separating them from longer standing containers in the yard, following the shutdown of the industrial sectors imposed by the DcPM of 22/3.

Port Of Venice
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Threats and opportunities lurk in all crises. The emergency we are experiencing is forcing to review not only our social habits, but also requires change management to adjust port business rules to better support the supply chain at this time of extreme difficulty for the country.

In advance of the activation of the procedure, scheduled on 30 March, already 60 containers with a high probability of withdrawal have been identified in advance before their discharge from the next ship, confirming the importance of teamwork and collaboration of the players involved: we are confident that the effort required will help the entire supply chain, to improve the quality of service for customers, to reduce waiting time for haulers and to manage more efficiently port operations.

Vecon is working hard to keep up and running and make the workplace even safer.

All this is possible thanks to the support of Venice Port Authority and to the contribution of all the operators involved, but above all thanks to the workers of Vecon, the Venice Port Company and the Unions to whom our heartfelt thanks go for their commitment and a sense of responsibility shown.

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