Port Of Vancouver Progresses Centerm Expansion Project And South Shore Access Project

The Centerm Expansion Project and South Shore Access Project are being built to help meet anticipated near-term demand for containers shipped through the Port of Vancouver. The projects are expected to be completed by 2022.

Work continued in the water around the terminal and on land in December. Dredging and infilling is ongoing. In the video, you will also be able to see barges working on the east and west sides of Centerm.

Port Of Vancouver Centerm Expansion Project And South Shore Access Project Progresses
Image Credits: Port of Vancouver

The projects include:

  • Reconfiguration and expansion of the Centerm container terminal
  • A new overpass on Centennial Road to remove road and rail conflicts
  • Changes to Waterfront Road to create a continuous port road from Canada Place to McGill Street
  • The removal of the Heatley Road overpass
  • Coordination with other tenant and port road maintenance on port lands
  • The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority completed extensive environmental and technical studies to inform the implementation of construction, and conducted three rounds of public consultation.


The Centerm Expansion Project will allow for a 60 per cent increase in container throughput at the terminal. By carefully reorganizing existing operations, we are able to achieve this increase while only adding 15 per cent additional land.

Reference: portvancouver.com

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