Port Of Oslo To Welcome One Of The World’s First Zero Emission Working Boat

The Port of Oslo is to build one of the world’s most environmental efficient working boats possible. It is especially designed for efficient collection of waste at the water surface.

Port of Oslo’s first zero emission working boat
Image Credit: oslohavn.no

Expected delivery is December 2019. The boat is to be built by Grovfjord Ship Yard, which has previously built the world’s first full-electric fish farming boat. The contract sum is NOK 23 million.

Removes many tons of garbage and cuts emissions

Today the boat “Pelikan” keeps our harbor area clean and tidy. The new environmental boat replaces the old port environmental boat, which during the course of 30 years has picked up about 1,500 tons (1.5 million kg) of rubbish in the harbor.

The Port of Oslo is working for an emission-free community and is a pioneer port using several zero emission solutions. Parts of our inner harbor area, is cleaner than the past 100 years. The coastal areas along the Oslofjord is one of the country’s most used recreational areas, and is important for many people who like an active outdoor life.

– The new electric boat will help keep the harbor clean and tidy, without polluting the air and reducing our own climate gas emission. The boat will also provide a safe fairway for all ships and small boats that travel in the fjord, says Port Director Ingvar M. Mathisen, who is proud to be able to give Oslo a zero emission woriking boat in 2019 when Oslo is European Green Capital.

One of the world’s most environmentally port boats

  • The fact that Port of Oslo choose to build a new battery-electric boat, is to get first hand experience with this zero emission technology. This give us insight into building, using and improving charging infrastructure. Cooperating with high tech developers like Grovfjord Ship Yard is both a learning process and capacity building.

“This shows that our strategic focus on building expertise with battery electric vessels has been correct, and is starting to matter”, says Bård Meek-Hansen, general manager of Grovfjord Ship Yard.

He adds:

  • If we are to reduce climate emissions and reduce the consequences of global warming, we must develop and build fossil-free vessels. The Port of Oslo must be honored that they are leading and contributing to this. We are really looking forward to working with them and developing a new zero emission port boat. This is the world’s first of its kind in the world, as far as we now.

Coorporation for new, unique zero emission boat. Both Port of Oslo and Grovfjord Ship Yard focus on zero emission solutions. From left: Port Director Ingvar M. Mathisen and Bård Meek- Hansen from Grovfjord Ship Yard. Photo: Bo Mathisen

High tech battery operation and solar cells

The zero emission boat is 12 meters long and 7.5 meters wide and is built in aluminum. Hydraulic front loading basket (in the bow) can more effectively than today pick up trash from the water surface. The new boat will have two cranes. A deck crane with gripping function on one side, and a deck crane to lift heavier objects on the other side. The boat will be powered by two electric propulsion engines and four electric side propellers, which allow it to easily maneuver along the quays and pick up trash in narrow areas with low accessibility.
The sum of efficient features and good maneuverability makes the new boat more efficient than the old one.
550kw batteries allow the boat to be in full working mode for four to five hours. It takes two hours to charge the batteries. In addition, the vessel has solar panels that provide power to the navigation instrumentation on board.
A good and safe working environment for the crew is important for the Port of Oslo. Good ergonomics was therefore also important for the solutions on board.

Electrifying the port

The Port of Oslo is in a transformation. We need new infrastructure to start moving from fossil fuels towards renewables in all types of transport in the port area. The port authority, as well as our customers, is looking for new solutions. When possible we choose electric. Today all other vehicles we use are on biofuels. This reduces our annual CO2 emissions by 150 tons a year. This means that the transport that the port authority controls is already regarded as zero emission. However, we do not think the job is done. This is only the beginning, says the Port Director, Ingvar M. Mathisen.

Reference: oslohavn.no

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