Port Of Long Beach And Port Of Los Angeles Completes In-Depth Biosurvey On Harbor Wildlife

The San Pedro Bay is a unique area along the California Coast, thanks in part to one of the largest port complexes in the world, the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles. Every five years the two ports complete a biodiversity study of the San Pedro Bay to gauge the health of the harbor.

The study looks at the harbor as a whole to judge its wellbeing, from the tiniest creatures and plants on the bottom of the sea floor to the marine mammals and birds on the surface of the water and in the air above.

san pedro bay - a look beneath the surface
Image Credits: polb.com

The 2018 Biosurvey found the highest biodiversity in the harbor to date. The study employs a variety of tools to study the water, above and below the surface, and marine life that lives in the San Pedro Bay. Take a look at the story maps linked in the survey to take a “deep dive” into the science of conducting an ecological survey.

Years of efforts to reduce environmental impacts related to goods movement have resulted in a flourishing ecosystem for fish and marine mammals, according to a new report on the water and habitat quality of the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors.

port seals on buoy env wildlife
Image Credits: polb.com

The 2018 Biosurvey (the most recent to be completed, released in April 2021) identified 104 species of fish, 859 invertebrate taxa, 40 algae taxa, 87 species of birds (including several sensitive species), and 5 species of marine mammals totaling over 1,000 taxa living throughout the San Pedro Bay, the highest diversity ever recorded in the four complex-wide Biosurveys conducted to date.

To learn more about the biodiversity study, check out the full color interactive PDF here. Learn about the environment above and below that makes our harbor so special. And keep an eye out for the next study that will be conducted in 2023.

Reference: polb.com

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