Port Of Antwerp Adopts Strict Measures To Remain Operational

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the government has announced strict measures. These measures identified the port as an essential sector and gateway for the supply of Belgium and a large part of Europe. A responsibility that Port of Antwerp is taking on. The priority? Keeping the port fully operational.

The port of Antwerp is essential for the supply of the whole of Belgium and a large part of Europe. It is therefore crucial that it continues to operate. That is why the port set up the COVID-19 Taskforce of the Port of Antwerp.

This cross-border and cross-sector working group maps out the entire chain of operation of the entire port. All partners consider keeping the port operational as a joint priority and have expressed their full commitment to the functioning of the port. The Covid-19 Taskforce of the Port of Antwerp will meet on a weekly basis. This frequency will be increased if necessary.

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The port is 100% operational thanks to the daily efforts and commitment of all employees. At the moment there is sufficient manpower to handle cargo and drivers drive off and on without too much delay. Should there be too few employees available, various chain partners have a fallback scenario to keep the flow of goods running.

Foodstuffs and food, among other things, fly over the counter. As a result, the supply of some products also increased. The logistics chain is robust and absorbs the peaks of the market very well. However, it is important that the borders in Europe remain open for all forms of goods transport.

Crew change in Belgian ports

Changing crews in Belgian ports is difficult at the moment, due to travel restrictions in Belgium and other European countries. Several countries worldwide do not accept travellers from EU countries. Crew members are still allowed to leave the ship during their stay in a Belgian port. However, they must comply with the current Belgian measures.

Reference: portofantwerp.com

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