Port Everglades Welcomes New American-Made, American-Flagged “Palmetto State”

Broward County’s Port Everglades today welcomed the newly built Palmetto State, a 50,000-ton petroleum tanker that is being chartered by Citgo. The ship arrived with 276,000 barrels, or 11,592,000 gallons, of gasoline and jet fuel.

“While we have nearly 600 petroleum tanker and barge calls annually, it is a rare opportunity for us to welcome a brand new petroleum tanker to our seaport,” said Port Everglades Deputy Director Glenn Wiltshire. “The Palmetto State is state-of-the-art among American-made and American-flagged tankers, with excellent fuel efficiency and advanced technology.”

Image Credits: nassco.com

The Palmetto State is 610-feet long with a 106-foot beam. It is an LNG-conversion-ready product tanker with a 330,000 barrel cargo capacity owned by American Petroleum Tankers (APT) and operated by Crowley Maritime Corporation.

General Dynamics NASSCO constructed the tanker in San Diego, CA, as part of an eight-ship contract. NASSCO states that the each of the tankers offer 33 percent increased fuel efficiency and cleaner shipping options.

Reference: porteverglades.net

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