Poisonous Gas Leak Kills Five In Port Of Karachi, Several Unconscious

According to reports, at least five people have died and several unconscious from an unknown poisonous gas leak in Karachi Port.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Of South Karachi Sharjeel Kharal reported to local media that the poisonous gas leaked from a container when workers were unloading containers from a ship docked at the Kemari area in Karachi Port.

Poisonous Gas
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Rescue workers have shifted the injured to the Abbasi Sheered Hospital and Jinnah Hospital of the city following reports of stomach aches and eye burns.

The police fear that the death toll may rise as many admitted to the hospital were in serious condition. According to local reports, the gas has effected at least 25 people in the area.

An investigation team has been assigned to find the cause of the gas leak which still remains unknown.

Reference: WION Youtube

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